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Hoy’s Hardscapes & Excavation offers a wide range of modern brick and block fences which can give your property security, style and a unique character that adds to the value of your home while looking great. Often, brick fences can be the best option to suit the style of your home, and from a low-lying fence to high security fences, they can fulfil a range of requirements.

It is one of the most durable, long lasting and maintenance-free type of fences. With little chance of structural integrity being compromised by floods or fire. Bricks also help to insulate against external sound, and this gives them an acoustic advantage over other types of building materials. Bricks are termite resistant and can easily handle varied weather conditions. It is also important to keep in mind that only this type of fence is structurally strong enough to support carports, shade sails, automatic gates etc.

When they’re tall enough, and supplemented with the right accessories, they create a virtually impenetrable safety barrier around your house.

* Ask us about any of the below styles of brick/block walls:

  • - Common Bricks (available in various colours for face work)
  • - Bessa Block  (preferably finished with cement render)
  • - Quick Brick (face work or render)